Friday, 22 November 2013

Designer vs Deal #8

Hi everyone!

After a 5 month absence, I thought that another Designer vs Deal post was in order. And so it happened. Once again, I came across numerous pieces - being clothes, shoes, accessories, and the like - which are very similar to their designer counterparts. I found way too many pieces, so I obviously couldn't include them all in this post. But I promise you that I will try to post these posts more regularly. 

 Designer: UNIF NEO boots // Jeffrey Campbell Lita Crown shoe // House of Holland On a Promise Sunglasses 
Deal: H&M Platform boots // Grunge Up Golden Spiked Boots // Choies Vintage Circle Sunglasses With White Letters

Almost every blogger - and every other person on Earth - has seen, or heard of the famous chunky H&M boots, which remind us so much of the precious 90s. While browsing the Net, I stumbled across UNIF's NEO boots, which are pretty similar to the H&M ones if you compare the silver side zips and ripped padding on the front of the boots. As much as I love UNIF pieces, I personally prefer the H&M ones this time, as I think they are much more wearable and not as much of a statement piece.

And speaking of statement shoes, how identical is the Golden Spiked boots from LASULA Boutique to the Jeffrey Campbell ones? The similarity is mind-blowing! The only difference I can pinpoint between the two pairs, except for the price difference, is that the former's heel looks a tad thinner than the Jeffrey Campbell boots. But then again, photos may be deceiving.

Another designer-twin is the Circle sunglasses by Choies, which feature the famous words "Cross my heart..Hope to Die. Stick a Needle..In my Eye". The only thing I question is how sturdy the cheaper version is, even though I don't even have a clue on the endurance of the House of Holland pair. But then again, I don't generally splurge on sunglasses. So, I would definitely opt for the cheaper version. 

Which would you rather buy, the designer piece or it's affordable dupe? If there is a designer piece that you love so much but cannot afford it and want a dupe of it, get in touch with me through Facebook or Twitter, or else send me an email, and I'll include the dupe in my next Designer vs Deal post!


  1. This is a really cool post. I prefer the H&M boots as well! xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  2. I prefer the deal than the designer.It looks so much more appealing and stylish.



    1. In this case, I totally agree with you :) x


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