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Hi everyone!

Giant Australian manufacturers of awesome printed leggings, swims, tops and skirts - Black Milk - have recently teamed up with Solestruck just "Cuz they're hot as, duh. I mean have you seen these people? They've got it goin' on. Also, they specialize in sometimes improbable, always fantastic footwear. We feel that awesome shoes are 100% necessary, 100% of the time. So we figured it was our duty, our responsibility, to give the peeps at Solestruck a call and get a collection together.

These companies came up with 4 shoe styles and 5 breathtakingly beautiful designs, and they claim that this was their "BEST DECISION EVER". Without any doubt, I completely agree with their statement! What is super interesting is the fact that each pair of these amazing shoes was named after a Black Milk team member! How great is that?! I can only dream of having an awesome pair of shoes just like these named after myself...that would be the day!! :)
SHAK - Ballerina style meets towering heights and trademark Black Milk sassyness. 
Cross Of St. Peter // You Make Me Sick // Crystals

CHARLIHidden wedge sneakers. 
Woah Dude // Nylon Vs. Death // Cross Of St. Peter 

CAM - Basic loafers in badass prints. 
Crystals // Nylon Vs. Death // Woah Dude

JAMES - Badass Oxfords 
Cross Of St. Peter // You Make Me Sick // Nylon Vs. Death

Being the shoe addict that I am, I loved each of the prints and styles since they are all pretty rad. However, my preference somewhat inclined towards the CAM style. I have therefore decided to put together 2 outfits to show you how I would style each CAM loafer.

For the first outfit, I opted for an all-black ensemble so as to keep all the attention on the shoes' print. I simply teamed a pair of black jeans with a thick knitted jumper, and layered the outfit with a leather jacket. For the accessories, I chose a black bobble hat and a pair of silver-toned weed earrings.
Top // Shorts // Coat // Bag

I decided to team the Nylon Vs. Death CAM loafer with a plain white box top, a pair of grey shorts, and a cosy woolen coat - perfect for the cold winter days. To give some colour to this monochrome outfit, I finished off the look with this gorgeous burgundy bag.

For a more casual look, I styled the Crystals CAM with a navy knitted jumpsuit. I know this jumpsuit looks very unflattering and shape-less, but I promise you it looks really nice on! To accessorise, I chose lots of silver rings to be stacked, a chunky silver necklace, and a two-tone lilac and navy clutch.

And if you loved this collab, I've got some good news for you! Black Milk and Solestruck are already working on another collection!! Launching early next year, the second collaboration collection will comprise a new shoes style, as well as brand new prints and fabrics!! So many exclamation marks in this paragraph!! But that is the only way I can express my excitement!! :)

Which Black Milk x Solestruck shoe design/print is your favourite, and how would you style it? 


  1. Love these shoes! Wow!

    Emma x

    1. Definitely agree with you that they're wow!! :) x


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