Monday, 21 October 2013

Pretty Underwear

Hi everyone!

I recently came across these gorgeous lingerie sets by b.tempt'd, it's sister brand Wacoal, and by the French shapewear brand Scandale. The design of the sets by B.tempt'd is called 'La Pariesienne'. Fusing lace with polka-dot satin definitely give a look that purrs with femininity. The red/pink Wacoal lingerie set on the right is called 'Embrace Lace' while the blue one is the 'Retro Chic'.       

The 'La Parisienne' sets retail at around £50.00 (€59.11) and are available at Selfridges and ASOSThe 'Embrace Lace' set is sold for around £49.83 (€58.95) from Nordstrom (bra and brief) while the 'Retro Chic' set is being sold for approximately £59.00 (€69.80) from Amazon (bra and brief). For a full range of b.tempt'd and Wacoal underwear, check out their respective websites here and here.

Two other lingerie collections that I fell head over heels in love with are the 'Encore Exclusive' and the 'Sirène' by Scandale. The limited edition 'Encore Exclusive' collection, which is comprised of six exquisite designs, revisits some of the most glamorous periods in lingerie history, therefore creating a collection that merges vintage elegance with contemporary chic.

On the contrary, the 'Sirène' collection allows women to discover their perfect ‘S’ curve silhouette – the ideal shape to define and enhance the bust, waist and hip proportions. Each style is therefore tailored to comfort and flatter the body for both effortless everyday wear and evening elegance. Red is their key winter colour, but this range is also available in black couture, champagne and white swan.  

Check out the 'Encore Exclusive' and the 'Sirène' lingerie collections on the Scandale website

Which lingerie set/collection is your favourite? 


  1. ah, i love love the reds! those are so lovely.

    lindsey louise

    1. They are aren't they? And if someone is very festive, they would also be perfect for the Christmas season :) x

  2. Ohhh I want that bright blue set, looks gorge! x x

  3. Loved all the underwear! Specially the second!
    Possibly check out my blog and follw if you like? That would mean so much to me and I will follow you back! :)


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