Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Street Style • New York Fashion Week (September 2012)

Hi everyone! 

In order to keep with the theme of what everybody is currently talking about - New York Fashion Week - I decided to dedicate a post on the Street Style at this Fashion Week. The photos attached to this post give an idea of what fashionistas on the streets of New York wore to impress and even stand out from the crowd at the Fashion Week. What the majority of females seemed to be wearing were bright colours, black, and even patterns. Men mostly went for a classic tailored suit, either paired with suit trousers, or else with jeans. Checked pattern, be it in the suit, shirt, or tie pattern, was dominant in menswear.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images. They were all acquired from Google.


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    1. That's my favourite as well..together with the outfit of the guy in the checked shirt :) x

  2. So many great streetstyles, very inspiring ! Thanks for sharing ;-)

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    Come and take a look at mine as well ..


    1. Thanks :) Gave your blog a follow as well x


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