Friday, 28 September 2012

Dixi 'Enchanted' Previews

Hi everyone!

By now, most of you know about the love I have for Dixi. This week, they kindly sent me these preview photos of their new collection - Enchanted - to share with you all. This collection features mystic stones, crystals and jewels that will captivate you. The colours that seem to be dominating this collection are shades of blues and greens. So pretty. Most of these jewellery pieces are one off selections, in order to ensure that their customers are unique and stand out in a crowd! In the new collection, there will also be a special selection of vintage clothing. 

These photos are just a small preview of what will be in store as from next Sunday 30th September, at around 10 am (UK time). I have already put my eyes on the blue striped and polka dot dress, the pointy cuff, and the deep blue stone ring. Which are your favourites from this preview? I am so looking forward to see the other items. It surely looks like an enchanting collection! 

Dixi are also offering a FREE UK shipping code - BLOGGERDISC - to you all, which can be used on any purchase of £15 or over, and is valid for 7 days (from Sunday 30th September till Sunday 7th October).

Happy Shopping!


  1. Such gorgeous jewellery!!

  2. wow love the top right blue ring, so unique xxx

    New follower :)

    1. As I mentioned in the post, that ring is one of my favourites as well :)
      Thanks for the follow, followed you back x

  3. Great juwelry!


    1. I love them even more every time I look at them :) x

  4. Nice pieces!


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