Monday, 10 September 2012

Mailbox #2

Hi everyone! 

After quite a substantial number of days analysing which products I should buy from MUA Cosmetics, I finally did it, and boy it felt so good! I was excited to receive the items I chose from the second I bought them, mainly because this was the first time I was buying from MUA, but also due to the very cheap prices and good reviews their products receive. When I bought the items, MUA had a bank holiday offer going on. This meant that with every £10 spent, one got 3 free products. These were the eyedust in shade 6, the extreme volume mascara in shade 2 black/brown, and the siren false lashes. 

I was getting quite impatient waiting for my package to arrive since I had ordered my items around two and a half weeks ago. Today was the day though, my beloved package finally reached my home. These are the items I bought:

Eyedust Shade 6 - FREE (£1)
False Lashes Siren - FREE (£2)

Have you ever bought any items from MUA? What is your experience using their products? I'm so looking forward to try them all out. I will then review each product I bought in another post once I have used them for a number of times.

MUA Cosmetics ship Internationally
Free UK shipping when you spend over £25

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