Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Introducing • Grabble

Hi everyone!

As if I don't already have enough bookmarked websites on my browser's bookmarks bar, I have just added another one this morning. I'm not complaining though. Speaking of my bookmarks bar, I have a 'To Buy' folder where I put links to my most loved items on the internet in order to be easier for me to find them when I'm in the mood for, or can afford to do, some online shopping. However, with the help of the recently launched Grabble, I can now store all of my favourite fashion pieces, wishlists, payday treats, and more, in one place by simply clicking a button. Unlike my folder on the bookmarks bar, I now also have the added benefit of receiving an alert when one of the items in my collections goes on sale. How cool is that?

The first collection I created on my Grabble account was a Valentine's Day outfit I would wear if my boyfriend took me on a romantic dinner date overlooking the Eiffel Tower. A girl can dream, right? :) For such a special occasion, I would wear a black circle skirt teamed with a black and white striped top, and layered with a black leather jacket. For accessories, I would certainly wear a statement necklace, diamond earrings, a pair of leather gloves, and a clear clutch bag. To give the outfit a pop of colour, I would wear a pair of red heels and finish off the look with red lipstick. All the items I chose are from ASOS, and you can be redirected to each piece by clicking on the image above.

What would be your perfect Valentine's Day outfit?

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  1. Oh no Grabble could be deadly to my bank balance if I have all my 'must haves' in one place.
    The necklace on your wishlist is beautiful, where is it from?


    I've just posted my first outfit post (I usually only blog about music) check it out here, if you get a second x


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