Tuesday, 22 January 2013

HUGE Boux Avenue Haul

Hi everyone!

I won a Boux Avenue gift card a while back and received my order today. I had to share with you all the items I got as everything is oh so pretty! I'm not writing this post to brag about my winning, but simply to show you some of the amazing items that one can find at Boux Avenue. For those of you who are still wondering, Boux Avenue is a new high street lingerie brand that can be found online and also in stores around the UK, Europe, North Africa and Asia. I had never purchased anything from this brand before, so I was super excited to see what they had to offer.

Every item came wrapped in a pink lace-printed tissue, and white rose petals were scattered all around the items in the distinctive Boux Avenue gift box. Instant love

Now, onto the items I got...

The Body Butter smells really nice, and the consistency is really thick - something which I really like. The Body Scrub, on the other hand, has a bit of an unpleasant smell in my opinion, but then again, having a nice smell is not it's main purpose. I simply can't wait to try these out!

These type of socks are a must-have item during the winter season. They are really soft, and I love their pink and cream colour - yes, I tend to resort to girly colours when it comes to nightwear and underwear. These will definitely keep my feet warm!

The smell of this Lip Balm is really nice as well. You can't go wrong with rose petal smell can you? The item description states that this lip balm is infused with shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, babassu oil and vitamin E. That should keep my lips soft and moisturised no matter what.

Being the cat obsessed person that I am, I knew I had to get these cat bed slippers from the minute I saw them. So pretty and really soft. They're just perfect!

Keeping with the cat theme, I just couldn't skip on getting this cute mini hand warmer. It's self-heating and reusable, so it should really help to warm my freezing hands in winter. Definitely excited to try this out!

Brooke Boy Shortie // Brooke Anchor Boy Shorts // Lucky Horseshoe Shortie // Brooke Boy Short Pretty Bow

I loved the patterns on these girly boxer shorts, so I added them to my cart too. Boux Avenue currently have a 3 for 2 offer on knickers, and therefore I got an extra one of these for free!

This is the cosiest robe ever as it's made from velvety soft fabric! I'm so glad I got it. I love it's embossed heart pattern, plus it also has a huge cosy hood. If I could, I would wear it everywhere I go :)

This candle has a really nice and refreshing smell, with notes of rose, amber and peony. It's reasonably sized, so it will surely not burn in a single use.

This set consists of 6 small ceramic hearts that can be hung in wardrobes, put in drawers, or else just used for decoration purposes. Their scent is also very refreshing. A fragrance spray is also included in this set, so one can boost the fragrance at any desired time.  

I'm a sucker for Christmas and candles, so the two of them combined really make me a happy gal. This candle is my favourite item from this haul. It has the most amazing smell ever, and the candle holder has a cute snowflake design on it which gives it a more Christmas feel. I'm in love with it. This will definitely be something that I will repurchase over and over again!

I liked the idea of the scented ceramic set so much that when I saw the Christmas version of it, I had to get it too. Thankfully, this smells just like the other Christmas candle I got, with notes of ginger, fresh spices, sweet patchouli and sensual amber. It is too early to start looking forward to Christmas so that I can use these? 

From the Christmas section, I also picked up this Reindeer Candle Holder. I think it would look great lit up during the Christmas season and would surely give a warm and cosy feel to my room.

As you may have already realised, I'm in love with everything I got. I also wanted to let you know that if your country is not listed on the Boux Avenue website, get in touch with their customer service team and ask whether it would be possible for them to ship to your address. That's what I did. What do you think of these items? Have you ever bought anything from Boux Avenue? 

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Disclaimer: The photos in this post are my own. If you want to use them, make sure you give credit to me and my blog.


  1. I love everything you picked out! I love those ceramic scent decorations. I would definitely use them as decorations. Love the cat slippers and hand warmers and I lobe boxer knickers! Love everything and they look so gorgeous ! Love the photos you took :D

    <3 Ana

  2. I LOVE Boux! Their stuff is gorgeous, and you've picked some amazing pieces! Very lucky! :) xx


    1. Thank you :) I really am lucky! I simply love everything they stock! x

  3. I love Boux Avenue candles, they smell so nice! Wonderful haul :)



  4. Your tempting me to make an order ASAP. I love the dangling heart :)



    1. Haha I'm even tempting myself to make another order :) x

  5. wow!! you got so many things!!! - jealous
    - Coral

    x x x

  6. Oh Lovely sleepers!!


  7. I LOVE BOUX AVENUE! They stuff is so gorgeous, lucky you xx


  8. Wow this looks great! They have so many amazing stuff! <3

  9. those kitty slippers are adorable!



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