Friday, 14 December 2012

Designer vs Deal #4

Hi everyone!

In this Designer vs Deal post, I decided to include those items that are currently quite popular in the blogosphere, just like I did in the last post. Nearly all of these items are exact dupes of the designer pieces. The only item that is not identical to the designer one is the Robyn Black Jumper from Glamorous. The pattern is more or less similar to the Stella McCartney Erica Embroidered Dress though. 

Are any of these designer pieces on your wishlist? And will you be purchasing them now that you know of an affordable dupe? Or would you rather purchase the designer pieces anyway?

If there is a designer piece that you love so much but cannot afford it and want a dupe of it, get in touch with me through Facebook orTwitter, or else by email, and I'll include the affordable dupe in my next Designer vs Deal post!

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  1. Wow they are so similar!

  2. I love these kind of posts, I sometimes do these on my blog as well. The Kenzo sweater is damn duped, they didn't even bothered to take off the brand name "Kenzo" from it :X

    1. I love doing these kind of posts too :)
      I know right, the Kenzo sweater is exactly the same!! x

  3. This is a brillaint post the kenzo jumper is crazy good! xxxx

  4. These are my favorite types of posts. Sometimes designer stuff is simply not in the budget.

    I think on the top of my Christmas List right now are some louboutins.

    xo, natashasolae


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