Thursday, 6 June 2013

How to dress up denim

Hi everyone!

Denim pieces are a wardrobe staple in my opinion and they can be worn from day to night. However, most of us have a mistaken idea that denim pieces can only be dressed down. I have therefore decided to give you some outfit inspiration - whether going on a girls night out, an evening out with friends, or on a date night - to show you that denim is not just about dressing down! If you feel that you're not 'dressy' enough by wearing blue denim, you can always opt for black or charcoal denim instead. As for the shoes, I feel that a pair of heels instantly transform a denim outfit (or any outfit, really) into a more dressy one. And don't forget your jewellery and accessories, as they are also a key factor when it comes to dressing up an outfit.
Outfit 1: Crop top // Dungarees // Boots 
Outfit 2: Crop top // Pencil skirt // Court Shoes 
 Outfit 3: Varsity tee // Shorts // Sandals 

What do you think of these outfit ideas? Would you wear any of them for a night out?

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  1. Amazing finds Annalise I love how you've put it all together.

    Emma x

  2. #4 is super cute! I do think blue denim is a bit too casual for a night out though. Maybe for a casual night out...

    xo freshfizzle

    1. You can obviously wear blue denim for whichever occasion you think is appropriate :) x

  3. Amazing post, love the way you combined those pieces! I love denim!
    Feel free to check out my new post, it would be amazing if you could!


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