Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shopping in London on a Budget • e-book Review

Hi everyone!

I was given the opportunity to review an e-book titled Shopping in London on a Budget by Jocelina Paixão Fortes, released last June. I immediately accepted the offer since through this book, the author shows that it is possible to find budget shops in one of the most popular and expensive cities in Europe. 

Do you travel to London frequently for shopping? Are you travelling to London soon? Maybe going to London for Christmas shopping or for Christmas sales? Do you love to shop at the best budget shops of London? If you nodded to these questions, then this e-book is definitely for you.

The content section of this book is divided in three, namely Oxford Street, Camden Town, and Covent Garden, which happen to be the most famous shopping spots in London. Under each heading, one can find a list of clothing, shoes, health & beauty, vintage, souvenir, and book shops, among others, where you can shop on a budget. The must-visit shops listed in this book include Primark, Forever 21, Topshop, Cool Brittania, and Boots, among others. What I love about this section is the fact that each shop name is clickable, so one can be taken to the shop of interest directly, and not spend ages scrolling to try and find each shop.  

The design of the book is simple, with a very neat format of text and a generous amount of photos. Each shop section starts with a photo of the particular shop, and then a section dedicated to important information, namely the shop address (including a clickable map link to guide you on the exact shop location) and opening times, price indication, payment options, sales periods (for an even more budget experience), and the shop's website. The following pages contain a small paragraph of information on the shop from the author's eyes, and photos of what one can expect to find in each respective shop, including actual photos of items that were available for purchase at the time when the author was writing this book. The below photos give you an example of Forever 21's shop section in this book.

At the end of the shop guide section, the author included her wishlist on Instagram (which I think is amazing and quite original), and some pictures of London, a shopping route, and a very useful guide on where to stay in London for a budget friendly price, and the best travel deals to get to London.

This e-book is only $9.95 $1.00 (approximately €0.78 / £0.63) during the month of November, so it is an absolute bargain. Being an e-book,  it can be easily viewed on a personal computer, e-reader, and even on an iPad, so it is perfect to use it as a guide while actually shopping.

Click here to view more details and to get a copy of the e-book. You can pay via Credit Card or PayPal.

The author wrote another e-book on Shopping in Rotterdam on a Budget, and plans on releasing e-books on budget shopping for the following cities too: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Istanbul and Dublin. So check out Jocelina's Lifestyle blog here to be the first to know when the new e-books are released.


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  2. Great review, the book sounds like a really good idea
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  3. Great review. That ebook looks like required reading - it's hard to find bargains in London!


  4. Good ideas, style and innovation.

  5. I hope to go to London very soon!



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