Monday, 12 November 2012

Mailbox #3

Hi everyone!

I love jewellery and accessories, as I personally think that they give an outfit that oomph factor, and can also transform a boring outfit. Last month, I purchased some gorgeous pieces from 3 brands which certainly need no introduction.

 Rock Quartz on gold necklace (£8.00)

I purchased this Rock Quartz on Gold Necklace from Delilah Dust. I had been eyeing this necklace for quite some time, and when they had an offer for their Facebook fans, I immediately added this beauty to my cart. The offer consisted of 5% off one's order, and also a free Delilah Dust wish necklace. Super!

These photos really don't do any justice to these necklaces, as they are much more pretty in real life. The chain of the Rock Quartz necklace was a bit too long for my tastes, but I put  the chain twice round my neck and it fit perfectly. 

Wish necklace* (£4.00)

Delilah Dust currently have a flash sale on their website. Grab a bargain with 35% off and FREE UK delivery when you spend £15 and more by using the code sundaysale at checkout. 

Visit their website here. They ship worldwide!!
Visit their Etsy shop here
Follow them on Twitter here
Like them on Facebook here

Another purchase I made was from I Love Crafty, which is my all time favourite jewellery brand. Can I have everything from this shop? I love all the unique pieces, especially those from the 'Feline Fatale Collection', due to the fact that I am in love with cats. All the items at I Love Crafty are handmade, so it makes them even more special.

These Kitty collar tips were in my October wishlist and I was so thrilled when I received my order. The packaging was out of this world - the collar tips came in a small black box, which was then in a bright pink velvet pouch. So pretty! The kitty collar tips are really, really gorgeous and I couldn't stop showing them to friends and family members. They were a real hit with everybody. Unfortunately, due to my very delicate nature (not!) I already broke an eye of one of these kitties! Heart broken. But I'm still in love with them just the same, and they still look as pretty as every! 

Wearing my Kitty Collar Tips with pride!

I Love Crafty offer FREE postage and packaging to the UK! 

Visit their website hereThey ship Internationally!
Visit their Etsy Shop here and here. They have some sets which are perfect for Xmas presents. 
Some pieces can also be purchased from Motel Rocks here
Visit the I Love Crafty blog here
Like them on Facebook here.  
Follow them on Twitter here.  

Last month, I won a giveaway on Twitter hosted by The Jewels Boutique. I had never owned anything from them before, so I was so happy with the £10 gift card. I was so unsure of what I should choose as I loved everything from their website. I finally chose a Gold Choker necklace and an Aztec skull ring. These items came in a black tulle pouch with black ribbon, which was so lovely and perfect for their storage! I suggest you check out their store as everything is so nice and really affordable!

Aztec Skull Ring* (£2.00)

Visit their website hereThey ship Internationally!
Follow them on Twitter here. 

Have you ever purchased anything from these stores? 


  1. omg I'm loving all the items! so cool! the quartz necklace and the collar tips, my fav!!!

  2. great choices! love quartz necklace and the ring!!


  3. Love the collar tips! :)

    1. Thanks :) I love them even more each day! x

  4. I love them kitten collar tips and the skull ring!

  5. Love the kitty collar tips...xmas present!

    Kim x

    1. Thanks :) They're such a good idea as a Xmas present! I Love Crafty have some pretty sets for Xmas pressies :) x


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