Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Designer vs Deal #9

Hi everyone!

I'm super excited about the finds I managed to discover through my endless hours of browsing the Internet. Check out the very similar dupes of designs by very famous designers, namely Vlieger and Vandam, and Kenzo, and also of an uber-popular piece from high street retailer American Apparel.

And as I explain in each Designer vs Deal post, I am not telling you to trash designer brands and instead opt for their very cheap dupes. I am merely sharing with you what I found on the Internet, to let you know what is available. If you can't afford designer pieces, just like myself, there's obviously nothing wrong with purchasing the cheaper versions.

This time round, I am especially happy to find a dupe of the Vlieger and Vandam gun bag, as I would never spend €235 on a clutch bag - unless I win the lottery, that is. Thankfully, Choies have a very identical one which is being sold for a mere €39. 

Ebay is filled with dupes of designer pieces, so it wasn't quite a surprise that I also found a similar dupe to Kenzo's Eye Embroidered sweater. When it comes to clothes, I sometimes prefer to spend my money on the real deal. I really like the Kenzo sweater, so I certainly know where my savings are going to sometime soon...

Another deal I found on Ebay was a sunflower print denim shorts, which is very much like the American Apparel version. I can't give you my thoughts on whether I would purchase the AA one or the Ebay dupe as it's not actually in my style. I however thought I should share this find with you as I know this pair of shorts was all around the blogosphere some time ago.

Which would you prefer to purchase, the designer version or its affordable dupe?


  1. Amazing idea! Love the shorts!

    Emma x

  2. wow! so crazy how much cheaper they are on ebay! i saw that they were selling a designer swim suit top that I had spent $70 on, and I was disappointed to see it on ebay for $20, but I do like having the real deal and the quality is so much better :)

    1. Yes, I agree with you that the quality of designer items are much better, but I have also had experiences where cheap dupes lasted me longer! x

  3. I always go for the designer, they did all the work to start with.




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